SPC Flooring

Quality And Warranty Assurance

The SPC flooring from Dubai Floor comes with all of the brand’s warranties up to 25 years of residential or commercial usage; applicable to vinyl materials installed in spaces subjected to typical wear and tear for the purpose for which they were intended. SPC flooring Dubai is the “evolution” of traditional vinyl flooring, producing outstanding results across the board and resolving several issues with deformation, expansion, and contraction brought on by abrupt temperature changes. And all of this without sacrificing our brand’s vast array of visual options. This is an excellent example of a resistant pavement if you are seeking one.

Installation of SPC Flooring

Install commercial SPC flooring with our skilled staff to provide impartial, best-value flooring options for your space. Nearly all commercial flooring types, including a large selection of vinyl planks, have been installed by Spectra Contract Flooring. We can assist you in choosing the ideal floor for your needs—including financial constraints, interior design scheme, and the demands of your facility—by displaying examples.

What Is SPC Flooring? Is It Better Than SPC Flooring Dubai?

When compared to regular LVP, SPC flooring Dubai stone-polymer composite core significantly increases the floor’s longevity. The main feature that sets this kind of product apart and offers it significant commercial benefits is its core structure. Even yet, with a padded underlayment, it may be made to feel just as comfy as its sister product, WPC, although officially being less so.
A strong alternative has emerged as Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring gains popularity. SPC flooring sets itself apart with its unparalleled rigidity and sturdiness, which come from its special stone-plastic combination. This increased resilience translates to outstanding defense against dents and damage, even under heavy weight or force. It’s an attribute that distinguishes SPC flooring sharply from traditional vinyl alternatives.
The format availability of SPC and conventional vinyl flooring is a key difference to be aware of. Although vinyl flooring is available in sheet and plank forms, SPC flooring is only offered as boards. As a consequence, the installation procedure is simpler and more smooth, and the uniform appearance is more aesthetically pleasant.
Because of its sophisticated printing and texturing capabilities, SPC flooring may aesthetically resemble a broad range of materials, including stone, wood, and parquet floors. SPC comes in a variety of designs, including as plank, tile, and even herringbone, giving you a lot of options for coordinating it with the interior design of your house.
Despite these benefits, vinyl tends to be less expensive than SPC, so it could be a better option for people who want a softer feel underfoot or are on a tight budget. If you decide to go with SPC flooring because comfort is essential to you, you might want to think about SPC flooring with an integrated underlay.

The Advantages of SPC Vinyl Flooring

Simple installation

There are two simple methods for installing SPC: using adhesive or a loose-lay flooring. Modern loose-lay methods enable SPC to be used with little to no surface preparation. This technique can shorten the installation time and save costs associated with flooring installation.

Comfort and Style

Compared to other flooring materials like stone or wood, SPC offers a softer surface. Additionally, it reduces noise, which is a highly significant feature for many facilities, and is more comfortable underfoot.

Environmentally Friendly

Since SPC uses a lot of recyclable, low-emitting, and renewable resources in its manufacture, it can assist your business in achieving LEED certification.
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