LVT Flooring

Explore Complete Guidance About LVT Flooring Dubai!

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and calcium carbonate (limestone) are the main ingredients of LVT. LVT Flooring Dubai are composed of several layers, a protective vinyl layer that offers durability; a decorative PVC print film that adds color and design; a resilient vinyl backing; and a factory-applied urethane top-coat that guards against scuffs, scratches, and chemicals.
Products for luxury vinyl flooring are available in several configurations, each designed to meet specific requirements in various settings. For further underfoot comfort and sound-dampening qualities, many LVT flooring include an acoustic backing. Others are made especially for places like schools and hospitals that require fast installation without any adhesive off-gassing. Even LVTs specifically made for seafaring boats, such cruise ships, exist! With its attractive look, exceptional durability, and ease of maintenance, LVT flooring offers the perfect blend of qualities that every business flooring product should have. Superior design does not have to be foregone in favor of commercial practicality when using luxury vinyl tile.

Superior LVT Flooring Offered By Dubai Floor Company

At Dubai Floor, we provide premium LVT Flooring Dubai tiles in an array of amazing finishes to complement any design and any space. We have some stunning designs in our collection that use stone, marble, wood, and slate. Additionally, we have a variety of color palettes for our LVT tiles, so you may match them to your existing decor and design a sophisticated, eye-catching area for your house or place of business.We provide a free sample service to our customers, allowing them to choose up to four samples from our product selection if they are unsure of what LVT design or style will fit for their area. We offer free, first-class delivery of all sample requests to your house within 24 hours, allowing you to select the ideal product. So, do get in touch with us right now to obtain a quotation, guidance, or to get your free flooring samples if you are wanting to add luxury vinyl tiles to your home or office space, or if you just need some professional advice on what you should buy.

Why Is LVT Necessary?

For a variety of reasons, LVT flooring solutions are becoming a popular option for both residential and commercial environments. Because LVT doesn’t need to be sealed or refinished, it can be easier to maintain than natural stone and can withstand everyday wear and tear better than many real wood floors. Moreover, LVT does not require the sealing and upkeep of grout joints, unlike ceramic, porcelain, and stone. Compared to laminate or genuine wood flooring, LVT is also waterproof, which makes it simpler to clean and maintain. Many people believe that LVT is more comfortable to walk on than actual stone or wood.
Because LVT requires little care during its lifetime and can be purchased at a reasonable price, it is an excellent investment for those on a tight budget. Time and money may be saved by installing certain LVT systems quickly. It is possible to install products such as rigid core click over pre-existing hard surface materials, avoiding the inconvenience, cost, and mess associated with removing an existing floor.

Is it Possible to Use LVT in Kitchens and Bathrooms?

If you select an adhesive that isn’t dissolved in water, LVT is a great flooring option for the majority of interior home applications, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Since the LVT is waterproof, using it in the shower is not advised. To guarantee that if a foot slips in a shower, it can grasp the grout line or another non-skid surface and prevent the foot from sliding, you will need a solution with greater grip or grout lines. For this, a floor-rated mosaic or smaller tile with more grout lines, like those in the collections, is a fantastic choice.
LVT is a fantastic option for business restrooms as well. LVT should not be utilized within the shower; instead, a non-water-soluble glue should be used, much as in domestic bathrooms. Commercial kitchens shouldn’t utilize LVT due to the potential for risks from the quantity of oil and grease that can spill on the floor and the need to clean up the spills often. Commercial kitchens are a better fit for a tile. While walk-off mats are strongly suggested, LVT can be utilized outside of commercial kitchens.
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